Nello Magnetic bike bell

Nello Magnetic bike bell

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Nello is a magnetic bike bell, simply shaped as a friendly little ball. Nello is a magnetic bike bell, its simple and friendly shape recalls the shape of a little ball.

A “sounding” little ball that fastens easily to the bike’s handlebar by means of a simple support – supplied with the bell.

Once arrived at destination, Nello may be pulled off and slipped into a pocket.

To ring Nello all you need to do is touch the bell’s “head”.

But there’s a surprise: the sound changes every time Nello is attached and pulled off its support! This way you can select your favourite among three different sounds.

Components : Nello + magnetic base + 2 rubber supports

Sound intensity : >90 dB

Type of sound : 3 different sounds

Power supply : 2 x CR2032 batteries (included)



Design: Odo Fioravanti

Origin: Italy

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