Transparent City - Travel map diary

Transparent City - Travel map diary

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Available cities: Amsterdam / Barcelona /Berlin / Copenhagen / London / Milan / New York / Paris / Rome / Tokyo  

The name “Transparent city” recalls Calvino’s Invisible Cities by antithesis, we could call these maps Visible Cities to underline the way they transform a visit or the living experience of a city into something which is totally visible. 

Transparent City Maps share Palomar’s products’ original leading concept: they represent a counter-melody to the overwhelming digital technology mainstream. A resolute return to the analogue which is not “vintage”, but gives a radically new meaning to travel experience. It is our way of saying that a more human, more ironic and possibly more attractive dimension can coexist with digital map technology and its presumed imperatives.

The adhesive transparent sheets - to be considered an essential component of the project -let you write your notes, comments, personal itineraries and memories on the map. Transparent City Map holds the user’s imprint, a trace of the individual navigation of a city which turns a voyage into such a rich and diverse human experience. Transparent City Maps invite you to build relations and dialogues with places in a diary form. The material quality of these booklet-form maps – made with an almost 1 cm thick graphic solid Eskaboard – lends dignity to a personal narration of a city and the possibility of reuse and consultation through time. Transparent City is the urban geography of which you are the author.

Map size : 17x23,5x1 cm 

Printed using non-toxic inks 100% recycled ESKA®board

PET transparent sticky sheets and dots


Design: PalomarLab e Alessandro Maffioletti

Origin: Italy

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